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Your job or employment can be one of the most important things in your live and defines how many people perceive themselves. The sudden loss of a valued position can be extremely traumatic and can lead to feelings of diminished self worth, stress, sleepless nights, financial hardship and in some cases marital break up.

If you have been dismissed (or without being dismissed you feel you have been forced from your position) you may possibly be entitled to compensation either for breach of contract through the County or High Court in respect of wrongful dismissal. If you have been unfairly or constructively dismissed, in which case you may have a claim through the Employment Tribunal for compensation, re-instatement or loss of wages or salary.

The Employment Tribunal (initially the Industrial Tribunal) was initially set up as a free and relatively simple forum where aggrieved employees could bring claims against their employers, where they might not otherwise have had any redress.

Employment law is notoriously complex and whilst theoretically the Employment Tribunal remains free (in the sense that there are no fees to pay upon making the application) and informal, in practice it is neither. Aggrieved employees bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal are at a great disadvantage when faced with experienced employment lawyers engaged by their employers, frequently acting under legal expenses insurance. We may be able to act for you under the terms of a legal expenses policy which you may have even though you may possibly not know about it. We can look into this for you.

Time limits in the Employment Tribunal are very tight and you must bring your claim for unfair dismissal within 3 months of the “effective date of termination”. This may or may not be the same of the date upon which you were dismissed.

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Race discrimination

Race discrimination in the workplace is abhorrent to all fair-minded people but unfortunately still occurs. If such a claim is made out, in addition to any other award which might be payable by reason of loss of employment, compensation is payable for injury to feelings. Such compensation is currently uncapped and depends on the duration and severity and of the discrimination suffered by the applicant. However unless the tribunal gives leave an application must be brought within 3 months of the last incident relied on, so it is in your interest to act quickly.

There is however no qualifying period for race discrimination claims i.e. you do not have had have worked for any particular length of time in order to qualify, providing it is made out that a) discrimination has taken place and b) the applicant has suffered a detriment thereby.

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Sex discrimination

The regime for sex discrimination claims is very similar to that for race discrimination; see heading above.

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Health and safety at work

There are specific provisions governing claims arising out of breach of health and safety regulations. There may be some overlap between this jurisdiction and a claim for personal injury in the County Court. However statutory compensation is payable if you are dismissed or have to leave your employment as a result of a health and safety issue. Please ring for further advice.

If you feel that you have an employment claim and would like to speak to one of our employment solicitors please ring 0113 2438688 or click here to complete an e-mail enquiry form.

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