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Marriage is an act of faith; a triumph of optimism over many peoples’ experience.

We all of us hope that our relationship with the special person we married will last a lifetime, but sadly our experience does not always match our expectations, and one marriage in three ends in divorce, often after several attempts at reconciliation. If your marriage has broken down and the rift is irretrievable, or you simply would like to know where you stand, talk to Ashton Bell divorce solicitors. We are here to help with practical advice.

We can help you with expert advice in the following areas

Pre Nuptial Agreements – do they work?

- Prevention is better than cure, if you wish to protect your pre-marital assets.
- Although the divorce Courts retain a free hand with respect to financial matters on divorce, a properly drafted prenuptial agreement can be persuasive evidence that the Court has to take into account if the marriage does not work out.

Where do I stand financially?

- The answer will vary according to your personal circumstances and that of your spouse. Relevant factors include: - your respective ages, the duration of the marriage, the needs and resources of the parties, the requirements of any minor children, and not forgetting that great English legal fudge “…….. all the circumstances of the case” (Section 25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973).

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The Basic Divorce Suit

The mechanism by which you are granted a divorce – takes no account of financial matters.
- Do I have grounds? Probably. We can advise.
- We take you through the process step by step with the minimum of fuss
- How long? About 4 months
- Cost? £495.00 plus VAT, a court fee of £300.00 as per 01.01.06 and a court application fee for decree absolute £40.00, A total of £921.63

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Division of Matrimonial assets

- This tends to be the biggest bone of contention. At Ashton Bell Divorce solicitors we are aware that the break up of a marriage is a potentially highly charged and emotional time for all concerned. We offer expert advice as to what is achievable and the benefit of our support and experience.

- Whilst some couples come to an amicable mutually agreeable settlement between themselves and only need their legal advisors and the Court to confirm that what they have provisionally agreed is not manifestly unfair, others find the whole process bewildering and are not sure what they might be entitled to. We can help.

- Yet others act in as uncooperative, obstructive and deceptive a manner as possible towards their spouse sometimes concealing, reducing or disposing of matrimonial or business assets. If this is happening to you, then clearly you need expert and urgent legal advice. An application to the court may be necessary.

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- Cost?

Included in the Basic Divorce Suit fee if financial matters are already agreed between the parties; otherwise the cost will depend on the length of time required to achieve a settlement, which in turn depends on the complexity of the matter, and the degree of (non) co-operation received from your spouse and his or her legal advisors. At Ashton Bell Divorce Solicitors we will always seek to promote a settlement where one can be achieved voluntarily on reasonable terms to maximise the matrimonial assets for the benefit of our clients.

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The Children

- If the parties can come to their own reasonable and amicable arrangements regarding contact and residence and schooling of the children, the Courts will not interfere. However, if the parties cannot agree, our assistance and/or that of the court may be required.

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Domestic Violence

No one has the right to harass or abuse you whether in our out of marriage, rather everyone has the right not to be harassed or abused.

Unfortunately domestic violence generally takes place in the home in the absence of witnesses and the police are sometimes not very interested unless the injuries are quite obvious. If this is happening to you, you should first ring the police, then seek medical attention and contact Ashton Bell Divorce solicitors as soon as practicable. Domestic violence cuts across all strata of society and tends to continue and escalate unless the cycle is broken by the intervention of solicitors and/or the courts.

(Please note that unfortunately we are not able to take publicly funded cases [what used to be called legal aid], as the Legal Services Commission is not prepared to pay even half of what it costs to do the work.)

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The information on this web site is intended to be a guide only to the services offered by Ashton Bell and is not intended to be acted or relied
upon without providing Ashton Bell an opportunity of obtaining full and proper instructions so as to be in a position to advise you properly.

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