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Have you supplied goods or services to English companies and not been paid?


Is it that they CAN’T PAY
Or is it that they WON’T PAY!

Is poor cash flow caused by late or non-payment strangling your business? Instruct Ashton Bell to pursue the matter on your behalf.


either: - at our offices – on the telephone

Slow Payment-Non Payment-A Universal Malaise

Cash oils the wheels of commerce and if everyone paid their bills on time the world would be a much happier and more prosperous place!

Unfortunately as everyone knows a significant proportion of the business community does not pay its bills promptly, (and unfortunately english companies are among the worst offenders) causing severe cash flow difficulties for supplier of goods and business services. Many of the worst culprits are large concerns which routinely take 60, 90 or even 120 days credit before they even think about payment, or have an unofficial policy of not paying until the bailiffs are knocking on the door a system of credit control known as “pay the sheriff”.

Financial controllers are ingenious in coming up with reasons why you have not been paid. We have heard them all: but here are a few examples: -

• “we haven’t received your invoice”
• “haven’t we paid this already?”
• “accounts are dealt with by head office”
• “the credit controller is on holiday/off sick/on maternity leave etc”
• “we only pay on statement, not invoice”
• “we only pay on invoice, not statement”
• “my partner deals with accounts and he is in Beijing”
• “we will put you in our next cheque run (they only have a cheque run every three months)”
• “I am sorry you have just missed our cheque run, I’ll put you in the next”
• “the account is in query”
• and of course “the cheque is in the post”

Is this happening to you?

Remember if your customers are helping themselves to extended credit they are running their businesses with your capital

Why instruct a solicitor?

Some businesses are reluctant to involve solicitors for fear of upsetting their customers. However there is little point in doing business with customers who are going to put you out of business. We tailor our initial approach and recovery stratagems to the circumstances in accordance with your instructions from a polite reminder for those of your customers who have “forgotten”, to a threat to seek an immediate winding up order for the worst corporate offenders where the debt is undisputed.

If resources are tight, a debtor company will pay the supplier who pushes the hardest. Make sure it is you. There are also now statutory penalty payments and punitive rates of statutory interest on commercial debts we can claim on your behalf in addition to the sum due to you, which vary in accordance with the size of the debt.

It is well known that the chance of recovery on doubtful debt recedes in direct proportion to its age. Act Now! You have nothing to lose but your overdraft!

What is your exposure?

Up until the issue of proceedings we accept instructions on a “no recovery no fee” basis apart from a nominal £20.00 plus VAT administration charge in the event of a non-recovery.

If successful in addition to the above we charge a competitive percentage of the sum recovered as follows, all sums are plus VAT: -

Debt £’s Percentage Minimum Charge £’s
0.00 - 1000 6.0 37.50
1001 – 3000 6.0 75.00
3001 – 5000 5.0 180.00
5001 – 8000 4.0 250.00
8000 - 15000 2.5 320.00
15000 + 2.0 350.00

If proceedings have to be issued, we can give you an estimate of costs and help you through the litigation process.

To instruct us to pursue your debt please call 0113 243 86 88 to speak to one of our debt collection solicitors or click here to contact us via the website.

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